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Vendée Campsite Activities

Our French and Dutch counselors will be at your disposal throughout your stay.
We work in collaboration with the Dutch company TEAM 4 Animation, a specialist in activities for children and teens for almost 20 years. All of our counselors have prior training.

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The mini-club is open every morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM from April to September. We have two counselors on site 6 days per week to entertain your children (6-12 years of age).
They will enjoy their holiday with various creative and fun activities morning, afternoon and evening, indoors and outside: Coloring, decorating, chalk drawing, dancing and much more..
In addition to leaving you time to yourself, this is also the chance for you children to have fun and make friends!
Your children can dance at the mini disco with our mascot, Buddy, or play games throughout the campsite several times per week, always with our counselors at their side.

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camping bretonniere animations

Evening events from April to September :
You can attend a free concert, disco, bingo and more.
And once per week, your children can participate in a free rodeo, mechanical surfing, or fall to the Reaper…
All in family fun!

Also take advantage of our activities and facilities for sports and recreation available at the campsite (“see the campsite map” on the home page).
One thing is certain: you’ll never be bored at our “La Bretonnière Paradis Camping if you don’t want to e!

You can consult the home page or the Information tab to see our activities, as well as the schedule and locations.

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