Puy du Fou


Voted the best park in the world*, Puy du Fou features a multitude of spectacular shows and adventures for the whole family.
In 2016, the journey through time continues with “Le Dernier Panache”, the biggest original creation in Puy du Fou’s history!
This year, there’s no better time to come and enjoy your “Puy du Fou” experience! History is just waiting for you!

* Thea Classic Award for the best park in the world in 2012 in Los Angeles and Applause Award for the best park in the world in 2014 in Orlando.

Campsite France Vendee : La nouvelle création originale du Puy du Fou : Le Dernier Panache !

Original creation for 2016: « Le Dernier Panache » !

Puy du Fou has never seen anything so big! In 2016, an incredible entertainment venue will emerge from the ground, to give rise to a new original creation at Puy du Fou: Le Dernier Panache!

Campsite France Vendee : Un grand spectacle sur le destin glorieux d’un officier de marine Français au Puy du Fou

Follow the glorious destiny of a French naval officer, a hero from the American War of Independence, whose life will change dramatically in 1793, in a last fight for freedom!
A breathless, epic and moving show, with a totally unique staging!

Campsite France Vendee : Le spectacle nocturne du Grand Parc vous emmène dans un voyage féerique et merveilleux.
Campsite France Vendee : LA CINESCENIE® le plus grand spectacle de nuit au monde est devenu un mythe immanquable.


With over 11 million spectators already, 1,200 actors on a stage spread over 23 hectares, 24,000 costumes, a grand show lasting 1 hour 40 minutes and a lot of new features... the world’s biggest night-time show has become an absolutely unmissable and legendary experience.

Campsite France Vendee : Le spectacle des Vikings au Puy du Fou

New !

In just a few years, the Cinéscénie® has taken on a whole new dimension with several new developments:

- new stage lighting,

- new 3D video projections and backdrops,

- 10 new scenes in 6 years with new special effects.

Campsite France Vendee : Le Bal des oiseaux fantomes au Puy du Fou en Vendée

In 2016, the Cinéscénie will be truly awe-inspiring!

Campsite France Vendee : Les Vikings au parc du Puy du Fou en Vendée
Campsite France Vendee : Découvrez et participez au spectacle "Le Signe du Triomphe" au Puy du Fou